There are a few ways to assign tasks to an employee in CareerPlug. The most commonly-used way is to use checklists, covered first. Second, we will cover how to assign a single form to an employee.

Assigning tasks using checklists

CareerPlug uses checklists to assign tasks to an employee. A checklist is a set of tasks and forms that an employee (and in some cases their manager) must complete as part of the employee's onboarding process.

Here's how to create an Onboarding checklist: How do I create a new onboarding checklist?

Assign a checklist to a job

A previously-selected set of tasks is called a checklist. Checklists can be assigned to jobs. When you assign a checklist to a job, any applicant who applies to that job and is hired will be automatically prompted to complete that checklist as part of their Onboarding process.

Here's how to assign a checklist to a job: How do I add an Onboarding checklist to a job?

Assign a checklist to an individual employee or employees

If an employee is already in Onboarding (maybe, for example, they were not a recent hire but you still need them to complete paperwork), you can assign them a checklist directly, instead of through a job.

Here's how to assign a checklist to an employee or multiple employees: How do I add or remove an Onboarding checklist from an employee?

Assign a single form

If you want to be able to assign a form to an employee without adding it to a checklist, you may adjust the specific form's settings to 'Assignable as a single form.'

To edit a form, navigate to Account > Settings and locate the form you wish to edit. Click the 'Edit' link next to the form name and scroll to the bottom of the page. Check the box next to 'Assignable as Single Form', answer the question in the pop-up window, and Save the form.

assignable as a single form

You may now assign the form by navigating to your Onboarding page and finding the employee to whom you wish to assign the form. Click the Assign Tasks link to the right of their name, and assign them the form.