When people apply to your CareerPlug job postings, they are not required to submit the formal application until after they submit their basic contact information and prescreen questions. This increases the number of applicants that you receive by making it faster and easier to apply to a job, especially from a mobile device. However, this does mean that you will need to remind some of your applicants to submit your formal application.

Below are some options to help ensure applicants are completing your formal application forms.

Edit the Thank You - Applicant Confirmation Email

With this option, you'll edit the email that is automatically sent to every applicant when CareerPlug receives their initial information. This option should only be used if you require a formal application for all of your jobs, as only one Applicant Confirmation Email can be used on an account.

To utilize this option, edit your CareerPlug 'Thank You - Applicant Confirmation email' and include the following text: "If you haven’t already done so, please make sure that you complete our formal application: {{ forms_link }}."

First, click Account > Manage Hiring Process.

account manage hiring process

Click the Message Templates link on the left side of the screen. If necessary, use the drop-down menu at the top of the screen to locate your General Templates, and click the 'Edit' link next to the Applicant Confirmation - Thank You Email. This will create a copy of the message template for you to edit.

editing message templates

When you edit the template, give it a new name, and perhaps even a new subject line that indicates that the applicant has one more step to complete before their application is complete. Use {{ forms_link }} where you would like the URL to their form to go.

forms link

Click Update Message Template when you are finished.

Manually send a reminder email

On your Applicants page, find the name of an applicant who has not completed their formal application. 

Click on the name of the form in the hiring step, which will open up an email template prompting the applicant to complete the application form.

reminder about form

If you wish to edit this message template, it is called Required Form Instructions. It can be edited by navigating to Account > Manage Hiring Process and clicking the Message Templates link on the left side of the screen. Locate the Required Form Instructions (it may be in your General Templates Section) and click the 'Edit' link to create a copy of the message template to edit.

manage hiring process

edit message

The code that creates a link to the particular applicant's required form is already in this template, so you can simply edit the content of the email.

Viewing applicants who have completed their application form

Unless you have a filter on your Applicants page, you will view both applicants who have and who have not completed a required application form.

completed vs incomplete apps

To view either all applicants who have not completed a required application form or who have, use the Application Status filter at the top of the Applicants page to view Incomplete Apps Only or Completed Apps Only.

app status filter

Note: It is not possible to hide applicants completely who have not completed the second-step application. This gets you the most applicants possible, including those who might’ve been on their phone or otherwise couldn’t complete the application form immediately when they applied.

Alternatives to formal application forms

Hiring trends show that more and more applicants prefer a shorter application process. Many applicants are applying on their phones, and it can be a frustrating experience to require applicants to complete a complex form immediately after they fill out their basic information and submit a resume.

In today's competitive job market, many applicants will bypass long, complex application processes in favor of simpler forms that capture vital information upfront and can easily be completed from any device. CareerPlug's founder, Clint Smith, wrote a blog about the benefits of shortening your time to apply: Would You Apply to Your Jobs?

Many CareerPlug clients have revamped their application process to provide a better, more compelling initial application experience by using one or both of the following actions:

1. Move formal application forms to the end of the hiring process. Is the information you’re collecting on a formal application not required until the applicant receives a formal employment offer? Then move this form to the end of your hiring process. This saves time on the initial application and improves the applicant’s first experience with your brand while still collecting the formal application before a hire is made.

2. Collect more information with prescreen questions. If information collected on the formal application is vital to making an initial decision about the applicant, move those questions to prescreen questions. This ensures that you have these questions answered for every applicant and it allows you to filter your applicants by specific answers. You'll get the information you need in a more consistent and useful format rather than from a long, complex application form. More info: How do I use prescreen questions?