CareerPlug automatically posts your jobs to a number of job boards (On what job boards does CareerPlug post my jobs?). However, posting your job to additional sources is a great way to attract a wide variety of applicants.

Create a Custom Source for all your job postings

We highly recommend creating a custom source (Account > Manage Job Settings > Create Custom Source) and selecting the option to 'Add to all existing job postings'. If you do this, your new source will automatically appear for each job posting, and links will be generated for each job. You'll still need to create job postings on alternate websites, but this option helps you skip the step of adding a custom source to each job.

Learn more about creating custom sources for all your job postings: How can I copy a new source to all of my jobs?

To post one of your jobs to a custom source, like a local job board or university, follow these steps: 

On your Jobs tab, find the job that you would like to post to additional sources. Underneath the job, click on the Share button. You will have the option to post to an external job board, to share on social media, or to email your job posting. 

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To post to external job boards, such as Craigslist or Google+:  choose the source from the dropdown and click Get Link. This will generate a special link to your CareerPlug job that you should use when posting your job on an external source. When applicants apply using this link, you'll be able to see the job board from which they found your posting. More in-depth instructions on posting to Craigslist: How do I post my job on Craigslist?

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To post to a source that is not listed (for example, a local university or Chamber of Commerce): Click Add New Source, click the source from the drop-down menu, and click Add. This creates a unique URL that you will use when posting to external sources. In order to drive applicants back to your Careers Page, you must include this unique URL in whatever external job posting you create. If you think you might use this source again, click Yes in the pop-up asking if you want to add this source to other jobs. A unique link for this source will be generated. Click Copy Link to copy this link to your clipboard.

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After you copy the unique link for your job posting, you will need to go to whichever external job posting website you want to use (for example, Craigslist) and follow their instructions for posting a job. Make sure to instruct applicants to apply using that unique link from CareerPlug that you just copied. That way, your applications for these jobs posted outside of CareerPlug will all still end up in your CareerPlug system.

To post to a social site, like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter: Click the Social option, then the appropriate social media site's button and follow the instructions. This will also track your analytics over the past 30 days. (For more information: How do I share my jobs on social media?How do I share a job to Facebook?

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To email a job posting to someone: click the Email tab, customize your message, then click Send at the bottom.  User-added image

A note for Hiring Managers: If you do not see the Jobs tab, you do not have the necessary permissions to post a job on CareerPlug. If you believe you should have the ability to post jobs, please contact the administrator on your account.