There are 4 ways to categorize responses to prescreen questions: Normal, Fast Track, Auto Fast Track, and Disqualify.

What is the difference between Auto Fast Track and Fast Track?

Fast Track responses allow an employer to create a series of questions that combine to identify an applicant as Fast Track. If a job posting has 3 different questions with Fast Track answers, an applicant must answer all 3 questions with a Fast Track answer to qualify as Fast Track. Answering 2 out of 3 correctly means the applicant will not be marked as Fast Track, only 100% Fast Track answers will qualify. This type of setup will be helpful when a combination of traits and experience must be met — for example: 5+ years of sales experience, a bachelor's degree, and a track record of meeting sales quotas.

Auto Fast Track is for the single most important qualification an applicant needs to be successful in the position. This will work best for example, for an insurance agency hiring only licensed salespeople or for a gym hiring only certified personal trainers. When an applicant chooses an Auto Fast Track answer, they will be marked as Fast Track no matter how they answer the other prescreen questions unless they choose an answer that disqualifies them entirely.