Use Clear and Straightforward Job Titles 

A job title should be like a great headline — short, sweet, and to the point. Data shows that shorter job titles secure higher apply rates. The best job titles also use relevant keywords that applicants are likely to enter into search engines such as Indeed. It's wise to avoid overly unique job titles since they are less likely to turn up in search results. Strange titles can also be confusing to job seekers. Use “Personal Trainer" instead of “Fitness Ninja” and "Wireless Sales Consultant" rather than "Rockstar Sales Guru."

Make Job Descriptions Easy to Read

Although it’s tempting to list every position requirement and detail about your company, job descriptions should be clear, concise and scannable to the reader. Here are some guidelines:
  • Limit job descriptions to 300-800 words (jobs of this length have the highest apply rates)
  • List 3-4 qualifications
  • State 5-10 of the most important responsibilities and/or requirements
  • Clearly state the key objectives or outcomes for the position
  • Break up text with bullets and subheadings for easy readability
  • Use action words to keep blocks of text engaging

Sell the Opportunity

Always keep in mind that the high-quality candidates you are after have a lot of options. That means you can’t forget to sell your company in your job description.

Data shows that mentioning benefits in job descriptions radically motivated candidates to apply. Top candidates care more about health benefits, training and advancement opportunities, and your company values than they do about the office ping pong table and free beer on Fridays.

Source: Appcast 2018 Recruitment Media Benchmark Report