System defaults prevent applicants from applying to a different job in the same location within 90 days (more information: Does CareerPlug block duplicate applications?). However, some applicants may apply to several of your job postings in separate locations. If you are an account administrator, you can manage these duplicate applications from the Applicants tab.

Applicants who have applied to multiple positions will be indicated with a red duplicate flag on the Applicants tab.

duplicate flag

Click the 'View All' link next to the Duplicate Applicant flag to view all the jobs to which the applicant applied.

duplicate applicant

Account administrators can view all job postings to which an applicant applied and can Deactivate any application. Limited and full access users can view duplicate applicants from other locations to which they do not have access, but they can't deactivate applications associated with other locations.

When you are ready to hire an applicant, you will have the option to Deactivate that person's applications for all of the other jobs to which they applied.

Note: If you wish to allow candidates to apply to multiple jobs postings at the same location in your account within 90 days, or if you wish to prevent duplicate applications from entering your account entirely, please contact us.