What happens to applicants when you close down a job posting (make it inactive)

When you close down a job posting and make it inactive, you have the option to make the applicants who applied to that job inactive or keep them active and transfer them to another job.

First start by making your selected job inactive:

make job inactive

In the pop-up window, select 'Make Inactive (will not receive new applicants)'. 

make inactive in pop-up

Next, choose what to do with that job's applicants. The first option is to choose 'No, keep them active'.

no keep them active

If you choose to keep your applicants active, your applicants will be active, but in order to view them on your Applicants page, you will need to edit your Job filter to view applicants from an inactive job. Choose the All Jobs filter, then select the inactive job you want to view applicants from, then click Apply.

show inactive job applicants

You can also view all inactive applicants from all inactive jobs by clicking 'More Filters' on the right side of the screen and adjusting your filters there.

If you choose to de-activate applicants when you make a job inactive, you will have the option to set a rejection reason for each applicant and send each applicant a rejection letter.

reject applicants

These applicants are now inactive applicants, and you must adjust your Applicants page filters to view Inactive Applicants in order to view them. The default Applicants page filters show only active applicants. Click 'More Filters' and select 'Show only Inactive Applicants' or 'Show All Applicants', then click the Apply Filters button.

show all applicants

What happens to applicants when you remove a job (permanently delete it)

After you have made a job inactive, you do have the option to remove it, which we don't recommend. However, if you choose to do this, you'll be asked if you want to remove the applicants as well or transfer them to another job. Removing the job and its applicants is permanent, and the job and applicants who are removed cannot be retrieved.