Top applicants are often in the job market for only a short period of time. Many companies lose out on hiring great applicants because another company is able to reach out to them sooner. 

With Fast Track, CareerPlug provides the ability to quickly identify your top applicants based on answers to prescreen questions (More information: How do I use prescreen questions?). This will help you contact your top applicants faster and prevent you from losing them to competitors. 

Add Fast Track to any job posting by editing your prescreen questions. To edit the prescreen question select the pencil icon.

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You can also add a new prescreen question and designate any response as a Fast Track response. An applicant will be considered Fast Track if they give a Fast Track response to all questions that have Fast Track response options. Make note of the 'Auto Fast Track' option. All types of prescreen question responses are explained below.

The types of prescreen question responses include:

  • Normal: This means that no matter how the applicant responds, the response is scored normally and an applicant who selects this answer will not be considered for Fast Track.
  • Fast Track: This means that if the applicant chooses a Fast Track response, that person has the potential to be considered Fast Track. These applicants must correctly select all other Fast Track responses you have set on a job in order to be considered Fast Track.
  • Auto Fast Track: This means that no matter how the applicant responds to other prescreen questions (unless a response disqualifies them — see below), if they select an Auto Fast Track response, they will automatically be considered Fast Track. This is useful if you have one key response or requirement you know you need an applicant to have in order to move forward with them in the hiring process.
  • Disqualify: This means that if an applicant chooses this response, they should not be considered for the position.

An applicant who has selected all Fast Track responses to prescreen questions on the job to which they applied will appear with two arrows next to their name. You will immediately receive an email notification or a text (if you have enabled text notifications).

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From here you can quickly proceed to the next step in your hiring process. In the future, you'll even be able to allow Fast Track applicants to schedule an interview with you as soon as they apply!