If both assessment scores are missing, that means the applicant has not yet completed either assessment. Here's an example of this case:

not completed either

In some cases, the applicant has completed one assessment but not the other. The other assessment score will be listed as 'Pending'. Here's what that looks like:

only completed one assessment

In both the previous cases, you can send the applicant a reminder to complete their assessments or their other assessment. Click 'Show URL/Link', copy the link, then contact the applicant:

show url/link

copy link

contact applicant

In the case below, the applicant only has one score because there is only one assessment selected on the job. There is no 'Pending' score because the applicant has not been invited to take another assessment:

only one score

To remedy this situation, you will need to edit the job to which the applicant applied and select all assessments that you want applicants to this job to complete.

Locate the job to which the applicant applied by finding the heading they are under, click the job name on the Jobs page to edit the job, scroll to the Assessments area, and select the appropriate assessments.

find job title

editing job

add assessments

A final situation is when an assessment score or scores appear as 'Imported' and the other score appears as 'Pending'. This means that this applicant applied to a job at another company and that company required the same assessment as you do. If at least one score is 'Pending', when you invite the applicant to take assessments, they will only be prompted to take the assessment that they have not yet taken.

imported score