If you believe applicants aren't receiving the emails you send from CareerPlug, you have options. First, email deliverability is a potential issue. CareerPlug uses one of the largest email service providers in the world, which has very high email deliverability rate. However, getting into anyone’s inbox is not guaranteed, and certain email services are more strict than others. If you believe candidates aren't receiving your emails, here are some tips.

Ensure that the email was sent from CareerPlug

The best way to ensure that CareerPlug sent your email is to check the applicant history, under an applicant's hiring workflow. Here, you will see all of the emails that you sent to an applicant through CareerPlug. Click the Show More link if it is visible to view all of your communications with an applicant.

applicant history

If your message appears here, then you be sure the email was sent. If your message is not here, try sending it again. Make sure that you click the Send button at the bottom of the email template. For example, simply clicking an 'Invite' link does not send an email to an applicant. You must review the pre-written template and click Send in order for CareerPlug to actually send the message.



Reach out to the applicant via another channel

The best thing you can do if you want to move forward with a candidate is reach out to them via another channel. Try calling or texting (more below), even if it’s just to ask them to check their spam folder.

Many of our clients are using text messages to follow up with candidates who were previously unresponsive. Text messages have extremely high deliverability. More info: How do I activate text recruiting?