CareerPlug has a built-in translator that will translate the jobs on your Careers Page into Spanish. That way those visiting your Careers Page can see the page in their preferred language. If you are interested in this feature, contact us to enable it and follow the steps below to set it up.

In addition, to recruit candidates who speak any language other than English, a best practice is to post two jobs — one in English, and one in the other language. This is the only situation in which it is acceptable to create two job postings for the same position. Read more about job posting best practices here: Indeed Best Practices.  

Using CareerPlug's built-in translation feature

Once you have contacted CareerPlug and enabled the built-in translation feature, create a job and change the Job Primary Language if necessary. If you select that the Job Primary Language is English, the job will appear in English with a link at the top right-hand screen to translate it to Spanish. If you set the Job Primary Language as Spanish, it will appear in Spanish by default with a link to translate it to English.

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Once the job is saved, it will post in the primary language selected. The applicant can also change the language on your Careers Page and on the specific job posting.

In your job description, you should make it clear that being bilingual is a requirement. Some other ways to quickly determine if candidates are bilingual is to use Fast Track (more information: How do I set up Fast Track on my account?) and keywords (more information: How do I use Keywords?)

To make a bilingual candidate a Fast Track applicant, follow these steps:

Create or edit a job posting and scroll to the prescreen questions. We have multiple prewritten questions you can search through by typing "Spanish" or "bilingual." Find the question you want to use and select it.

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Once you select the question, you will need to click the plus (+) sign to add it to your application before you can edit your response options. 

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Next, edit the response options by clicking the pencil icon next to the question. A pop up to edit scoring and responses will appear. If being bilingual is a requirement for this position, we recommend adding the response "Yes" as Fast Track or Auto Fast Track, and the response "No" as Disqualify. If you're also willing to accept differing levels of fluency, you can score the responses like the example below. Click the Save button when you are done scoring your prescreen question. (Here's more information on using Fast Track vs. Auto Fast Track: What is the difference between Auto Fast Track and Fast Track?)

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Be sure to save the job when you are finished editing it.

To utilize keywords for hiring a bilingual candidate, follow these steps:

You will first need to create a keyword set to associate with bilingual candidates. Click here for instructions: How do I use Keywords?

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Once you have created the set, you will go back to the job posting and scroll to the Keywords section at the bottom. Select the keyword set you created for bilingual candidates from the drop-down menu and save your job posting. 

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Applicants who have your keywords in their application will be flagged on your Applicants tab. 

Sharing your bilingual job posting to Indeed and other job sources:

If you would like to share a bilingual job posting to an outside source, such as Indeed, simply sharing the bilingual job posting you made in CareerPlug's system will NOT result in the post appearing as bilingual on the outside source's website. You will need to create a new job posting in Spanish on the job. Then you will follow the normal steps for sharing your job posting to other sources (How do I post my job to outside sources (such as Craigslist, Facebook or local colleges)?)

As always, when you post a new job, ensure you are using Indeed Best Practices.