CareerPlug automatically distributes your job postings to many frequently-used job boards, such as Indeed and SimplyHired. However, you can also add your own custom source and apply it to all of your existing jobs. For example, you might like to know how many of your applicants come from a local college's job board.

Creating a custom source for this external job board will create a link that you can use to share your job posting and track which applicants come from this source.

To create a new Custom Source, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Account > Manage Job Settings. You will land on your Custom Sources page. Click the Create New Custom Source button. 

Account Manage Job Settings

User-added image

2. After you've added your custom source, select the checkbox for 'Add to all existing job postings' and click the Create Source button.

add to existing jobs

Next, share your job to a custom source:

1.  Go to your Jobs page and locate a job you'd like to post to an external job board. Click the Share button under the job you'd like to share.

share button

2. On the next page, select your custom source from the drop-down menu. Then click Get Link. This will provide a link you'll use to direct applicants to apply to your job from this source.

Get Link for custom source

3. Navigate to your external job posting website. For example, locate a local university and follow their instructions for posting a job. Click 'Copy Link' in CareerPlug, and make sure to instruct applicants to apply using that unique link from CareerPlug that you just copied. That way, your applications for these jobs posted outside of CareerPlug will all still end up in your CareerPlug system. You can also copy your CareerPlug job description and paste it into the job posting you create on your custom source.

Copy link and job description