When you use CareerPlug, you can manage your correspondence with applicants, which makes the hiring process much more efficient. Each new applicant is assigned a step-by-step hiring workflow with links to send them assessments and pre-written emails.

hiring workflow

For those who are new to recruiting or who would like extra guidance, CareerPlug comes with a set hiring process complete with interview guides (scorecards). More info: How do I use interview scorecards?

However, if your company already has a set effective hiring process, you can customize your hiring workflow. (We recommend only advanced users edit their account's hiring workflow. Here's how: How can I edit or add steps to my hiring workflow?)

Below are the steps for moving applicants through with CareerPlug's default hiring process.

Locating an Applicant

Each applicant who has applied to one of your job postings will be visible on your Applicants tab, along with a step-by-step hiring workflow. You can search for any specific applicant you want to work with or use the filters to find a specific applicant or type of applicant (More info: How do I search for a specific applicant?How do I use the sort and filter options on the Applicants tab?). You can also locate an applicant on your Jobs tab to the right of the job to which they applied. Click their name to view their hiring workflow.

Review Step

The first step is the initial Review in which you can review the applicant's resume and their answers to the prescreen questions you chose when you created the job posting.

Hover over the applicant's name to view their resume or click 'View Resume'. Hover over the applicant's prescreen score or click 'Prescreen' to view their answers to prescreen questions.

prescreen and resume

If this applicant is satisfactory, click on the arrow to the right of the name of the review step. When you do this for the review step or future steps, the box underneath the applicant's name updates so that you can use it to move an applicant through each step of the hiring process as well. (For example, if a candidate passes your initial review, click the arrow to the right of Review OR click the box under the applicant's name to complete the Review step and move them to the next step.) If you need to undo a step you completed, click the check mark next to the relevant step. 

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Note: If at any point you are not interested in moving forward with an applicant, simply click the Make Inactive button under the applicant's contact information to remove them from your list of visible applicants. They will now be considered an Inactive applicant and will not show up on your Applicants tab unless you select to Show All Applicants in the filter options at the top of the page.

Assessment Step

After you complete the Review step, the next step in the hiring process is to invite the applicant to complete the Assessment tests that we provide. Use the 'Invite' link under the Assessment step to send a pre-written email inviting the applicant to complete the assessments.

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You'll repeat a similar strategy for each additional step of the hiring process to stay organized.

Moving an applicant to another hiring step is used for your reference and internal tracking. You must click the links to 'Invite' applicants to take assessments and complete interviews; advancing an applicant in the hiring process does not trigger any automatic applicant communication (until you get to the Hire step, in which some cases the applicant may receive an email to log into CareerPlug to complete paperwork).

Making Comments

At any point in the hiring process, you are able to make comments on the applicant that can be viewed by anyone who has access to the applicant. Click the Comment option under an applicant's hiring workflow, type your comment, and click Save.

comment option

Adding a comment

Your comment will appear under the applicant's hiring workflow along with the date and your name.

Comment on the candidate record

Phone Screen Step

After the Assessment step, the next step is Phone Screen. Click the 'Invite' link to invite an applicant to participate in a phone screen. When the applicant responds with days/times that work for them, you can use the 'Schedule' link to send them an email confirming the phone interview time with instructions and a calendar invite.

During a phone screen, you can use an interview scorecard (click the 'Scorecard' link on this step) to guide the interview and help you screen the candidate and decide if they are someone you would like to move forward with. Here is some more information on scorecards, including instructions on how to make your own and how to send a scorecard to another employee at your company: How do I use interview scorecards?

Interview Step

Next is the Interview step. This step also has an 'Invite' link, a 'Schedule' link, and a 'Scorecard' (or scorecards). Here is some more information on scorecards, including instructions on how to create your own and how to send a scorecard to another employee at your company: How do I use interview scorecards?

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References Step

If you would like to move forward with a candidate after their interviews, you can request their references on the References step. Use the 'Request' link to send a pre-written email to the candidate asking for the contact information of at least 3 professional references. Once you have received these references, use the 'Reference Guide' scorecard to guide your conversation with each of the candidate's references.

Offer Step

If you have interviewed an applicant and their references check out, you have the option to send them an offer of employment. CareerPlug allows you to send digital offer letters to applicants from within your account. The first step is to create an Offer Letter Template. This template can be used to send digital offer letters to multiple candidates and can save you valuable time as well as streamline consistency in offer letters among hiring managers. Learn more about sending digital offer letters here: Offer Letter Getting Started Guide

Note: The Offer step will be blank until you have created an Offer Letter Template by navigating to Account > Manage Hiring Process and clicking the 'Offer Letter Templates' link on the left-hand side of your screen.

Background Step

Although CareerPlug does not conduct background checks on applicants, we do partner with Universal Background Screening, which specializes in employment background checks and drug testing for companies nationwide. The first step is contacting Kate Kearns at Universal Background Screening for more information (kkearns@universalbackground.com; (877) 263-8033 x3218). More information here: Does CareerPlug offer background checks on applicants?

Hire Step

When you are ready to hire an applicant, click the thumbs up next to Hire. This will move the applicant to your Users page, which is located at Account > Users. Marking a candidate as hired is extremely important in keeping the data on your Reports tab and Dashboard accurate. Make sure to mark all of your hires as Hired in CareerPlug.

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None of these steps are necessarily required. If you are positive you want to hire an applicant early in the hiring process, you can certainly skip steps.

Now that you're familiar with CareerPlug's default hiring process, here's information on creating a custom hiring workflow: How can I edit or add steps to my hiring workflow?