If you want to remove the access of a user who has only worked CareerPlug's ATS system (not Onboarding, if your company uses it), follow the steps in the first section below.

When you have a user who has done work in Onboarding, it’s better to mark them as a Former Employee rather than completely deleting them from the system. You will need to do this in both the ATS and Onboarding.  

Remove access in ATS:

  Go to Account > Users. Select the Employee’s name to edit their info.

Users Page


Click on the Hiring Access section. Make sure their status is set to 'No Recruiting Access.'

Hiring Access

Click the Employee Management section. Change the Employment Status to 'Former Employee'.

Employment Management

Click Update User once finished.


Remove access in Onboarding:

In Onboarding, go to the Employees page and click Edit Employee near the bottom right to the Employee’s name.
edit employee 

On the Management page, change the Employment Status to 'Former Employee.'

User-added image

If the employee was an Administrator or Manager, change their role to 'Employee - Access to own information' and click Save at the bottom of the page.

The employee will now no longer have access to CareerPlug and will appear as a former employee on both the ATS Users page and on the Onboarding Employees page.