No, CareerPlug does not conduct background checks. However, we work with Universal Background Screening (learn more about them here) and Accurate (more about them here), which many of our clients use for their background check needs. The hiring process step Background is for your own records. Once a background check has been conducted on the applicant, click the arrow next to that step to move them forward in the hiring process.

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Using Universal Background Screening

CareerPlug has partnered with Universal Background Screening, which specializes in employment background checks and drug testing for companies nationwide. Companies of all sizes and industries rely on Universal before finalizing their hiring decisions.

For a comprehensive list of services or any questions you may have:
Email Kate Kearns at
Visit at
or call Kate Kearns at (877) 263-8033 x3218
Direct Number (818) 326-2782

Here's how to sign up with Universal Background Screening:
1.  Contact Kate Kearns, your Account Executive at Universal Background Screening, who will review package options, finalize your screening program, and provide the documents to set up your account.
2.  Complete and sign the documents electronically.
3.  Universal will process your documents and send out your secure login information and instructions on conducting your screening services through the CareerPlug system. Your assigned Client Services Representative will contact you for training.


If you're interested in getting started with Accurate, email them at