Logging into Your CareerPlug Account

Visit app.careerplug.com in your web browser and enter your email username and password. If you do not remember your password, you may select ‘Forgot your password?’ and follow the guided steps to set a new password.

Forgot Password link

Look at the top of your screen once you log in. You should be able to see that you have access to the Applicants tab. If you also have access to the 'Jobs' tab, click here for the best getting started guide for you.

How to Review Applicants

Review step
View your applicant’s resume as well as their prescreen score — an average grade based on their answers to any prescreen questions selected on the job posting. The prescreen score gives you a quick idea of an applicant’s qualifications and how they stack up against others who have applied.

Fast Track helps you identify and contact your top applicants faster. Applicants will be sorted as Fast Track based on responses to initial screening questions set on the job posting. As soon as a Fast Track applicant applies, the job's hiring manager will receive a notification email. You will also be able to see the Fast Track icon next to their prescreen score (the green double arrows pictured below).

Fast Track applicant


Send an assessment to an applicant to measure them on the characteristics most important to the position.

The Math/Verbal Assessment is a cognitive ability test that focuses on applicant problem-solving skills, numerical skills, verbal skills, and reasoning, which are aspects of cognitive ability. The purpose of the assessment is to gauge the applicant’s potential to acquire new job information and solve problems on the job. It is a 12-minute timed test.

Personality Assessment: The scales listed below measure up to 16 different personality traits that are important predictors of successful job performance across a variety of occupations. The personality traits you are assessing for were selected when the job was posted.

Personality categories

To send the assessment links to the applicant, simply click ‘Invite’ under the assessment hiring step. This will load a pre-written email that you can send straight from the system. (Note: At least one assessment must have been enabled on the job by the hiring manager in order for assessments to be sent to applicants).

Assessment Invite

Sending an assessment

Tip: Sending emails through CareerPlug allows you to track the day you sent the email and your entire communication thread will appear on the applicant's record on your Applicants tab.

Interview step
The next steps are the Phone Screen (a basic phone interview with your applicant) and the Interview (an in-person interview with your applicant). Inviting an applicant to the Phone Screen and the Interview works the same way as inviting them to the Assessment. 
  1. Click ‘Invite’ to ask the applicant for some days and times they would be available for the interview. 
  2. Once you and your applicant have agreed upon a time, you can click ‘Schedule’ to send a confirmation email to the applicant and check off a box to sync it to your calendar as well.
Scheduling an interview

Under the Phone Screen, Interview, and References steps you will see 'Scorecards' and a 'Reference Guide.' These are interview guides filled with suggested questions for you to use while you are interviewing your applicant. You can rate your candidate’s responses, make comments on the scorecard, and save their scorecard for others to access.

Scorecard link

Final Checkpoints

Requesting references works similarly to inviting an applicant to a Phone Screen and/or Interview. Click 'Request' to load a pre-written email requesting professional references.

Offer step
You have the option to send applicants digital offer letters. Contact CareerPlug for more information about using offer letters.

Background step
CareerPlug does not conduct background checks. However, we do work with Universal Background Integration, which many of our clients use for their background check needs. Please reach out to CareerPlug for contact information at Universal Background Integration. We will direct you to a representative from Universal who can provide further details, such as pricing information. More info: Does CareerPlug offer background checks on applicants?

Hire step
Selecting Hire will move the Applicant and all of their information to your Users tab. If you use CareerPlug's Onboarding system, the applicant will also be moved there and accessible under the 'Employees' tab once they log in for the first time. They'll be emailed with instructions for logging in to complete their new hire paperwork.

Make inactive
During any part of the hiring process, if you do not wish to move forward with an applicant, click Make Inactive. This will not completely remove the applicant from CareerPlug, it will simply remove them from your active applicants screen. It will also give you the option to send them a pre-written rejection email.

Clicking ‘More’ on the far right side of an applicant's record will open a drop-down menu with 3 options:
  • Move to Pipeline
  • Share
  • Transfer

More option

Move to Pipeline
During any part of the hiring process, if you find a strong applicant that is not exactly right for the position for which they applied, click ‘Move to Pipeline’ in the 'More' drop-down. Using this option will enable you to save an applicant for future openings for which they may be a better fit.

If you wish to Share an applicant with another member of your team, click ‘Share’ in the 'More' drop-down. A box will pop up allowing you to enter email addresses and an optional message before sending to your recipients.

Share an applicant

Clicking ‘Transfer’ from the 'More' drop-down allows you to move the applicant to a different job for which they might be a better fit. Simply select the CareerPlug job you want to transfer them to in the drop-down, then click Go.

Transfer an applicant

Careers Page

Your Careers Page is your custom recruiting site for your company. You can find this by clicking the My Careers Page button in the top right-hand corner of your CareerPlug dashboard. All of your job listings can be accessed from this link, so if you ever need to refer an interested candidate to your job application, you can tell them to apply directly from here.

This link may be placed on your email signature line, on a business card, and even on your company's website. You can also post this link to outside sources such as Facebook or local university career centers to drive applicant traffic from those sources to your CareerPlug system. Here's CareerPlug's own Careers Page as an example:

CareerPlug Careers Page