Your CareerPlug Dashboard provides a high-level overview of activity in your account and makes it easy for you to navigate through the hiring process. You have the option to toggle between two views of the dashboard: Account Activity or Hiring Performance.

Account Activity View

Your Account Activity view includes Your ToDos, Upcoming Interviews, CareerPlug Hiring Success, and Recent Activity.

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Your ToDos
This section contains information about new applicants, available job refreshes, and actions awaiting approval. Selecting any items here will bring you directly to that part of the CareerPlug system. 

Upcoming Interviews
Any upcoming interviews you have scheduled will be listed here. Select the applicant's name to go directly to their applicant profile. 

CareerPlug Hiring Success
Quickly access registration links for an upcoming webinar, visit our support center, or contact us.

Recent Activity  
Below the ToDos, Upcoming Interviews, and CareerPlug Hiring Success sections is the Recent Activity section of your dashboard. Use the Manage Filter options to view specific types of activities in your account, including:
  • New Applications
  • Completed Assessments
  • Completed Scorecards
  • Comments
  • Accepted Offers 
  • Declined Offers
  • New Hires
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Hiring Performance View

Your Hiring Performance View includes three charts: Current Hiring Pipeline, Funnel Conversion, and User Activity.

Current Hiring Pipeline
The Current Hiring Pipeline Chart will include data on all active applicants in your account. Each segment in this pie chart represents a step in your hiring process. Select the segment to view all applicants in that particular step on your Applicants page. Use the Manage Filters option to view information about specific jobs, job templates, or locations. 

Funnel Conversion 
Use this graph to view the total number of applicants you've received in the selected number of days and the steps in the hiring process they are in. The Funnel Conversion chart shows you all applicants that have been acted on in any given hiring step (regardless of their current state of being active or inactive). Use the Manage Filters option to view data regarding specific jobs, job templates, or locations. 

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User Activity 
View the recent activity for the users on your account including the date of their last login, the number of active jobs for which they are the hiring manager, the number of unreviewed applicants for which they are responsible, and the number of recent actions they have taken (including reviewing applicants, sending emails, and more). 

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