All State Farm Agent Interns who use the CareerPlug Team Member Recruiting System are eligible for a free account migration and a free 60-day trial of the full Agent account.

When your appointment date arrives, you may convert your account by navigating to Account > Plan & Billing. You'll be directed to a page where you can enter your company information and credit card number to begin your free 60-day trial of the full Agent account.

In addition to all of the tracking tools and email templates that you have access to as an intern, full Agent accounts have access to:
  • A much more flexible Job Post Builder
  • Additional job titles
  • Unlimited active job postings
  • Unlimited use of assessment tests to evaluate applicants
  • A customizable Careers Page, used to advertise your jobs

Your account cannot be converted until your official appointment date.

For information on converting your Intern account to a full Agent account, contact us.