On the Applicants page, check the checkbox to the left of each applicant that you wish to reject. At the top of the page, select Make Inactive from the menu that appears.

Bulk reject

Afterward, you'll be asked to set an optional rejection reason and send an optional rejection email.

send rejection email and set reason

Notice that you have the option to send the emails at a later time and date. Some clients find this helpful if they're reviewing applicants outside of business hours or if they know they don't want to move forward with an applicant right after an interview but want to send the rejection email at a later date.

send later

If you choose to Send Later, you'll be asked to schedule a time and date for the email to send.

schedule date and time for email to send

After you click Schedule, the applicant's record will reflect the date and time that the rejection email will send. Click the red text indicating the email send time in order to reschedule the email or even discard it if you change your mind.

email send time link

discard message

*Note: If you choose to in fact move forward with this candidate, in addition to discarding the rejection email, you will also want to move the applicant back to Active status by clicking the Make Active button under their name (while you are viewing Inactive applicants).