Here's an email you can send the social media manager or Facebook Admin for your company's Facebook page. This email tells them how to connect the CareerPlug ATS with your Facebook Page so that your CareerPlug jobs are displayed there:

Hi [social media manager],

We use the CareerPlug ATS to hire new team members. CareerPlug just integrated with Facebook Jobs, which means that all of our open job postings will be linked to our company Facebook page.

When Facebook picks up our jobs, they are going to send you an email that asks you to connect our CareerPlug job listings to our company Facebook page. The email will have instructions on how to connect our jobs and manage the connection in the future.

When you receive that email can you please set up the connection on Facebook and review the job postings?

If you need more information, here is a CareerPlug help article that shows you the process from start to finish.

Thank you!