At CareerPlug, we know that it can be difficult to find qualified insurance salespeople and licensed candidates. If you're a State Farm Agent, you likely know that the unemployment rate is even lower in the insurance industry than the average for the country (it was 1% in May 2019).

We have two recommendations. They may take you outside of your comfort zone, but we think they can bring big benefits:
  • Engage in proactive hiring
  • Look beyond the resume for emerging talent

Engage in proactive hiring

Proactive hiring means doing more than posting your jobs on CareerPlug and waiting for applicants to come to you. When unemployment is low, employers who put in the extra effort to find candidates are going to be those who are successful at hiring.

Here are some ways other State Farm Agents are being proactive in their hiring process:
  • They put the link to their CareerPlug Careers Page in their email signature and business cards.
  • They add the link to their Careers Page on their State Farm Microsite. Learn More
  • They post on social media when they have a new job opening. Learn More
  • They look for candidates on LinkedIn by connecting directly with local professionals or joining local groups.
  • They email current employees for referrals and consider offering a referral bonus as an incentive for employees helping to recruit candidates.
  • They reach out to local insurance licensing training programs and ask them if they can share any open positions on their bulletin board or email listserv if they have one.
  • They post their jobs to additional job boards, like local colleges/universities, chambers of commerce, or local job boards. Learn More
  • They have their Careers Page link always handy. To get yours, go to your Dashboard, click the Careers Page button, and click the Copy icon to copy the link to your clipboard. Now, spread your Careers Page link far and wide!
In addition, successful Agents don’t assume they’re in the clear after they hire a new employee. Many keep a job posting up to collect applicants for any future hiring needs. We recommend always having a job posting with a status of ‘Accepting for Future Openings.’ A job with this status won’t be posted on the job boards like Indeed, but it will be apparent on your Careers Page so that people know that there is potential for a future opening. Learn More

Look beyond the resume for emerging talent

We know that State Farm Agents are often seeking licensed and experienced insurance agents. However, because the unemployment rate is so low in the industry right now, there simply may not be any unemployed licensed candidates in your area.

If you find yourself at a loss when trying to find a licensed candidate, it’s time to consider looking beyond the resume for emerging talent.

When we say look beyond the resume, we mean look beyond an applicant’s experience. Maybe a candidate doesn’t have the specific skills and experience you’re looking for, but they do have natural talents and characteristics and exhibit the right behaviors and for the role. Some of the most successful agents have hired individuals with unexpected backgrounds — like servers or delivery workers — who go on to be their best salespeople.

At CareerPlug, we encourage hiring for growth potential (Learn More). For example, consider a candidate who has sales experience, but not in the insurance agency. Or, consider someone who knows about insurance and has sales potential, but who isn’t currently an insurance sales agent.

hire for growth potential

We hope you implement some of these tips in your hiring process. For more help with using your CareerPlug system, check out our on-demand trainings for State Farm Agents.