How applicants get marked as disqualified

Disqualified applicants are marked with large red D in place of a numbered prescreen score.

disqualified applicant

An applicant is marked as disqualified when they answer a prescreen question with a disqualifying answer. Here’s an example of a prescreen question with a disqualifying answer:

prescreen question with a disqualifying answer

An applicant who applies to a job with this prescreen question and says they are unable to work evening shifts during the week will be marked as disqualified.

Viewing Disqualified Applicants

When you navigate to your Applicants page, by default you will only view applicants who have not been marked as disqualified. To view your disqualified applicants, you must click on the Disqualified link at the top of your Applicants page.

disqualified bucket on the applicants page

Your disqualified applicants also do not appear by name in your daily applicant summary emails.

What if I find a disqualified applicant that I like?

Once you take an action on the applicant — let’s say you invite them to an interview — they’ll move to your main applicants view.

take action on a disqualified applicant to move them to your main applicants view

You should also take a look at your prescreen questions and edit your disqualifying answers. On your prescreen questions, only mark answers as disqualifying that are truly dealbreakers. That way, future applicants who are similar to the applicants you’d like to consider are not disqualified and are visible right away.

Learn how to use prescreen questions to disqualify applicants.

Viewing qualified applicants

If you want to go back to viewing your qualified applicants, click the Reset All Filters button.

reset all filters