How it works

An easy way to ensure that only qualified applicants are in your main applicants view is to use prescreen questions and mark certain answers as disqualifying. For example, if you don’t want to consider applicants who have at least a high school diploma, you should mark any education levels below high school as disqualifying answers.

Disqualified applicants will not appear in your main applicants view. You must click the ‘Disqualified’ bucket at the top of your screen to view these applicants.

disqualified 3

Editing your prescreen questions to disqualify applicants

To edit your prescreen questions, click the name of a job on your Jobs page, then scroll to the prescreen questions area.

Click the edit icon next to a prescreen question.

edit icon for a prescreen question

If you don’t want to consider a candidate who answers a prescreen question in a particular way, have that answer marked with a Type of ‘Disqualify.’

disqualify type answer

If an answer shouldn’t disqualify an applicant, then the question type should be the Normal, Fast Track, or Auto Fast Track type. Learn more about Fast Track.

In the example above, if you would like to disqualify any applicants who want to work fewer than 40 hours per week, you should mark the ‘No’ answer to this prescreen question as a Disqualify type answer.

When an applicant applies and one of their prescreen questions marks them as disqualified, they will appear with a red ‘D’ as their prescreen score.

disqualified app