Note: This article is for State Farm Agents.

If you’re not getting the volume or the type of applicants you want, a resume list can help identify great candidates and active jobseekers who haven’t yet heard about your job opportunity.

When you request a resume list, a member of our Client Services Team, who are all trained in resume sourcing and evaluation, will hand-pick candidates’ resumes that meet your selected criteria. These resumes and client contact information will be available for you in your Resumes page within three business days. Here's more information on resume list candidates: Where do the candidates on the Resumes page come from? What should be my first steps with these candidates?

To request a resume list, go to your Jobs or Resumes tab and click the Request Resume List button:

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On the following page, specify what type of applicants you're interested in seeing. We recommend leaving your criteria broad, and not requesting only licensed candidates (If we find licensed candidates, we will include them if you say you will consider non-licensed candidates). Leaving your criteria open will increase your chances of getting multiple resumes. 

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Click the button to Create Resume List Request when you are finished. You will receive an email within 3 business days when your resume list has been delivered. View your resumes by clicking on the Resumes page.

More information: What are some best practices for working with Resume List candidates?
How can I move an interested candidate from the Resumes tab through the hiring process?