Some clients use a confidential job posting to recruit candidates for a position that is currently filled. test

Confidential job postings will not appear on Indeed and other job boards, and they will also not appear on your Careers Page. You can share a confidential job with interested applicants via email to recruit applicants. However, if you do wish for for your confidential job posting to appear on Indeed, you will need to sponsor the job posting for an additional cost. Learn more: How can I boost or sponsor my jobs through Indeed?

Step 1: Set a Confidential Account Name

Navigate to Account > Company Profile and scroll to the Confidential Account Name area. Create a name that should appear as the company name when job seekers apply to this job. This name should be specific to the industry of your company but not include your company name. For example, you might use a name like 'Boutique Clothing Store', 'Fast Food Franchise', or 'National Insurance Company'. Do not use a name as generic as 'Generic Company.'

account company profile

confidential company name

Click Save when you are finished specifying your Confidential Account Name.

Step 2: Post your confidential job

Post a job as you normally would. Near the bottom of the page, you will click the 'Make this job confidential. No company information will be shown with this job, and the job will not display on your company job board' option at the bottom of the job.

When you specify that you would like to post a confidential job posting, a field will appear with your selected Confidential Account Name.

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Confirm that this name is correct, then click Save Job.

Step 3: Share your job by email or on social media, or Sponsor your job so it appears on Indeed

On your Jobs page, locate your confidential job by the red 'Confidential' text next to the job name. To share your job via email or on social media, click the Share button under the job name. Learn more: How do I share my job on social media?

To sponsor your job, click the Sponsor option. Learn more: How can I boost or sponsor my jobs through Indeed?

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