Here are some tips on working with candidates delivered in a resume list. Note: Resume Lists are only available for State Farm Agents.

Call Instead of Email

These are strong candidates, and they’re probably being bombarded with emails from hiring managers. Taking the time to call will help you stand out and often yields better results.

Sell Your Opportunity

These candidates have not seen your job posting yet and know nothing about your company, so a conversation with you is their chance to learn about your opening. This also gives you the chance to quickly evaluate if they are the right team member for your company. If they are interested in your opportunity, click Move To Applicants beside their name so you can then invite them to take assessments and move them through the hiring process.

Make It Personal

Address the candidate by name as often as possible. Talk specifically about why you noticed them. Tell them why you feel their skills and experience would be suited for the job.

Frame The Cons With The Pros

If you are going to mention any negative aspects of the job, such as long hours or weekend work, be sure to frame it with the rewards of working in your office.

Ask For An Interview

At the end of this first phone screen, you will be able to gauge the candidate’s interest and ask them to come in for a formal interview.

Call Multiple People

It’s important to call as many of these strong candidates you find. Also, a quick call could reveal something that moves one of these resumes straight to the top of the stack.