How to set up E-Verify Web Services

You must have an E-Verify Web Services account in order to integrate E-Verify with your CareerPlug account.

1.   Log into E-Verify here

If you see a Web Services tab, skip to step 4.

2.  Re-enroll with E-Verify and answer "yes" to the question: "Does your Company plan to develop its own software to use E-Verify?”.

3.  Click on Web Services in the navigation menu at the top of the screen

Web Services

4.  Submit a support case by clicking here. In the subject line, type 'Setting up E-Verify'. Please include your Employer Account Company ID, your E-Verify Program Admin User ID, and your E-Verify Company name (as it appears in E-Verify) in the support case.

Here's where you can find this information:
  • Username - upper right-hand corner of your E-Verify Web Services screen
  • Employer Account Company ID - upper right corner next to the username
  • E-Verify Company Name - navigate to Company > Company Profile

5.  CareerPlug will request a username and password from E-Verify on your behalf (this will not replace your username and password on your main account). Once this is done, CareerPlug will input that information, activate your E-Verify integration, and let you know that the setup is complete. We will have set up a Manager Checklist for you, which includes a form that allows a manager to submit an employee for verification. This Manager Checklist will be assigned, by default, to all new employees. That means that once an employee completes the I-9, you'll be able to start the verifying process.

6.  Now you can hire new employees, and once they complete their I-9, you can begin the verifying process.

The E-Verify process within CareerPlug

Once an applicant is hired, they'll be prompted to complete their new hire paperwork as usual. These are the steps for the E-Verify process:

1. An employee completes their Form I-9 in Onboarding. 

Form I-9


2. Submit to E-Verify Form is automatically generated on the Manager Checklist. (Note: This happens after the employer side of the Form I-9 has also been completed.) 

submit to e-verify


3. Form pre-populates with employee’s Form I-9 information. The manager reviews and submits the task.

Submit to E-Verify Form

After the manager submits the task, the employee will either be Verified, or they will be in another state.

Here is a list of all of the possible E-Verify statuses that an employee can be in:

  • Employment Authorized – No further action required (will eventually change to “Verified”)
  • DHS/SSA Resubmission – Confirm that you've entered the employee's information correctly and resubmit the form
  • Pending: Photo matching required – Look at a photo of the employee in CareerPlug and verify that's the person that you are hiring
  • Tentative NonConfirmation – Employer should provide the employee with a formal notice that they have to visit a DHS/SSA office for additional verification (this notice can be downloaded from CareerPlug). The employee chooses whether or not to contest.
  • Pending: Duplicate Case – Employee has already been submitted in the past 30 days with the same company. Usually, the case should be closed.
  • DHS Verification in Process – No further action required
  • Final Nonconfirmation – Not authorized to work in the US.