CareerPlug - ADP RUN integration FAQs

What does it do?
This integration allows clients to export new hire information from CareerPlug into the ADP RUN payroll provider.

What are the benefits?
  • Increase Accuracy - CareerPlug's new hire export removes the need to manually key type data into ADP RUN, reducing the chance of data entry errors.
  • Save Time - Automatically send new hire data from CareerPlug to ADP RUN with data pre-populated.
  • Increase Efficiency - CareerPlug's Connector is optimized to easily integrate new data into ADP RUN.
  • Increase Reliability - CareerPlug's Connector was built to ADP RUN's specifications, creating a more reliable experience.
Can I use it?
Yes, if you use CareerPlug's Onboarding system and use ADP RUN as your payroll provider.

How much does it cost?
ADP collects a fee to enable the integration through their marketplace. This fee is based on the number of employees in your organization. Current pricing can be viewed on the CareerPlug app on the ADP marketplace.

Ready to enable the integration? Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Let us know that you want to enable our ADP RUN integration

To enable this integration, the first step is filling out this form to let us know. (or click the ‘Contact’ link at the top of this page).

When we have enabled the integration for you, you will see new ADP custom fields appear on the Settings Page of Onboarding on your CareerPlug account.

adp run custom fields


Step 2: Subscribe to the CareerPlug app in the ADP Marketplace

Once you have the integration enabled on CareerPlug, you must add the CareerPlug app in the ADP marketplace. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Locate the CareerPlug - ADP Key in CareerPlug (on the Settings page on Onboarding). Copy this key, as you will need it for the next step.

copy adp careerplug key

2. Navigate to the ADP marketplace ( and search for CareerPlug or simply visit this link and buy the CareerPlug ADP RUN app. Click the 'Buy Now' button.

buy adp app

3. After you buy the CareerPlug app in the ADP marketplace, you’ll come to a page that is called ‘Product Settings.’ Here, paste in the CareerPlug ADP key that you copied. This will match your CareerPlug account with the CareerPlug ADP app.

CareerPlug ADP key


Step 3: Consent to transfer data

Once you are subscribed to the CareerPlug app with the key in place, you need to give consent to transfer data. To do so, go to My Apps in ADP, click the CareerPlug app, and you will be prompted to consent.

adp my apps

click the tile to consent

You can also consent by navigating directly to Click on the blue Manage icon to the right of the CareerPlug app. Then choose Allow for data consent authorization.




Step 4: Edit and sync your ADP fields

Decide whether there are unnecessary Employee Custom Fields that you can delete, or if there are certain fields that should not be required. In CareerPlug, you'll delete and edit field settings. You can also change the names of the ADP fields so they are clearer to users of the system, and you can also add instructions should you need. For more help with this step, click here: Editing ADP Employee Custom Fields in CareerPlug.

However, if you want to make any changes to the drop-down response options for the employee fields that are exported to ADP, you'll change those in ADP. When you're finished making your changes in ADP, click the Import Field Values From ADP button on your Onboarding Settings page of CareerPlug to see your changes reflected in CareerPlug.

export field values to ADP

After you sync these fields for the first time, CareerPlug will keep them up-to-date and sync them once every 6 hours. If you make changes in ADP and want to see these changes reflected immediately in CareerPlug, manually click the Import Field Values From ADP button at any time.

Note: If you click the Import Field Values From ADP button and get an error, you likely need to consent to transfer data. See step 3, above.

Step 5: Create an employee record type form on Onboarding

When the ADP RUN integration is enabled, you’ll notice that a new Onboarding form is automatically created on your account. It is called ‘Employee Information for ADP - Run.’ This form is added so you can route the employee/position information needed by ADP for an export to the appropriate party to complete. This information is then funneled back to the employee’s ADP tab on their employee record in CareerPlug. This offloads much of the responsibility of a manager to complete all of the fields.

Before you use the ‘Employee Information for ADP - Run’ form, click the Edit link next to it. View the fields that are selected, and uncheck any that the manager should fill out rather than the employee. When you are finished editing, save the form and add it to an employee checklist so it can be assigned to new hires.

employee record form

You may wish to create another employee record form, but this one for the employee’s manager to complete. There are certain ADP fields that may not be appropriate for an employee to complete but should be instead filled out by a manager (e.g., Pay Cycle Code, Worker Type, etc). When you make an employee record type form, specify that the manager is responsible for those fields, and check off which fields a manager should fill out. Next, you’ll need to create a Manager Checklist (if you do not already have one), and add this new form to that checklist. The employee should be assigned the Manager checklist, and their manager will be responsible for completing the form.

Learn more: How do I create an employee record type form?

Step 6: Export an employee to ADP

After you enable the integration, employees will have multiple fields on their CareerPlug records that will map to ADP fields.

You might create a test employee and fill out their ADP fields. Find that employee that you wish to export in Onboarding. Click their name, then click their ADP tab. Fill out their ADP fields, then click the Export to ADP button at the bottom of the page.

ADP tab

export employee to adp
Next, log into ADP RUN.

log in to ADP RUN

Notice the To Do column on the right side of your screen. Employees that have been exported from CareerPlug will appear here. Click the employee’s name to confirm their information and fill out any additional information.

ADP RUN to dos

To view your completed employees, click on ‘Employees’ in the ADP navigation.

view all employees in ADP

Tip for success

Once you have exported an employee from CareerPlug to ADP, please edit them in ADP. Changes you make in CareerPlug after exporting an employee will not be reflected in ADP.

Please know that even if you have multiple ADP RUN accounts, you may only link one with CareerPlug.