CareerPlug’s text messaging feature is designed to help you contact great applicants faster. Superstar applicants are being contacted by multiple employers. Text messaging ensures that you can get an applicant in for an interview and move them through the hiring process as quickly as possible. If you haven't already, you can activate text messaging by selecting the Account drop-down on the right-hand side of your screen and selecting Plan & Billing. Text messaging is listed under 'Add Ons' on the Subscription page. Click here to access your Plan & Billing page.

Activating texting

Note: Text messaging is billed at the same time as your subscription. If your subscription renews monthly, you will pay $10 per location per month. If your subscription renews annually, you will pay $120 per location per year.

Watch this 5-minute video on using text messaging, or read the steps below:

Setting up texting 

To streamline texting applicants, we suggest you start out by creating a new text message template. Text message templates work just like your email message templates, except we encourage you to introduce yourself and your company since applicants will be getting your texts from a phone number they don’t recognize.
To create a text message template, go to Account > Manage Hiring Process > Message Templates > Create New Message Template. In the first pop-up, select the hiring step you want the text message to be associated with. In the next window, select 'Text Message' as the template type.

Text Message template pop-up

Selecting Text Message as the template type

When you use a text message template, applicants to whom you send it will automatically be advanced in the hiring process. If you text applicants without a template, they won’t be advanced in the hiring process automatically.

Here's more information on using text messaging templates: How do I use text message templates?

Texting Applicants

On the Applicants tab, you’ll see a new Text option on each applicant's record. Applicants must opt into being texted. Here's more information on how applicants opt-in: Do applicants opt-in to being sent text messages?
Option to text an applicant

The first time you text an applicant from CareerPlug, you’ll be asked to enter your zip code so that we can generate a phone number for you in your area code.

This number will be used each time CareerPlug sends a text message to an applicant on your behalf.

Enter zip code
If you’ve made a text message template you’d like to use, it will be available as a message option when you attempt to contact an applicant in the hiring process (e.g., you'll text them from the invite or schedule link on a hiring step).
User-added image

If you’re not using templates, simply click the Text button on the applicant’s record, type your message, and hit Send.
texting without using a template

Using text message templates ensures that your applicants are automatically moved along in the hiring process. It also makes texting each applicant faster.

Note that whether you use a message template or not, you may only respond to text message chains that you’ve started. You can still view text message chains started by other hiring managers for applicants to which you have access, you just won’t be able to join the conversation.

Text Message Notifications

When you receive a new text from an applicant, you’ll notice a new notification area in your CareerPlug menu. Click the notification to respond to the text.

text messaging notification

If you would like to receive an email each time you receive a text from a CareerPlug candidate, follow these steps:
  1. Click Account > Users.
  2. Locate your user record and click your name to edit it. 
  3. Click 'Notifications'
  4. Under the 'Alert Center Notifications' area, set text message notifications to On.

 Turning text messaging notifications on



Can I enable text messaging for only certain users or locations?
No. At the current time, we require an account that enables text messaging to purchase it for all users and locations on the account. Pricing is based on the number of total locations on the account.

Why can’t I text certain applicants?
You can only text applicants who have agreed to be texted by you via a new special prescreen question we’ve added to all of your jobs. If an applicant chooses not to be texted, this message will appear when you attempt to do so:
Do not text visual

Here's more information on how we ask applicants to opt into being texted: Do applicants opt-in to being sent text messages?

Can I bulk send text messages?
Bulk sending text messages is currently unavailable but will be available in a future release.
Can I receive text messages from applicants on my own mobile device?