The candidates on your Resumes page have been sourced by our team from the Monster resume database. These candidates have been selected by our team based on the criteria that you selected when you submitted your Resume Request. They all should be actively seeking a new position, but they have not been contacted regarding the opportunity in your office. Your first step should be to contact them to let them know about the opportunity in your office.

These Resume List candidates will require a bit more action than your standard Applicants, but they can be a very strong source of new talent and are a great way to separate yourself from competitors who do not have access to these resume databases.

Take these steps to recruit Resume List candidates:

Contact the candidates
To assist you in contacting these Resume candidates and generating interest in your opportunity, we have a template email that you can customize to your specific needs and send directly from our system. You can send a candidate this email by clicking the Email Candidate link. However, we recommend calling these candidates to add a personal touch. (More information: How do I email the candidates on the Resumes tab?)

Move the candidates to your Applicants tab 
Once these candidates have expressed interest in your position, they can be moved to your Applicants tab so that you can send them assessments and move them through the hiring process. To move a candidate to your Applicants tab simply click the green thumbs up button next to Move to Applicants, to the right of the candidate's name.

Please keep in mind that active recruiting can require follow up with candidates who did not respond to your initial outreach email. The best way to approach the list of resumes that you receive is to treat it like you would a list of sales leads — you wouldn't give up on a potential sale after one email, and you should not do so with a qualified candidate either. Successful recruiters will often reach out 3 or more times to candidates who they are excited about, and they'll take the time to call rather than just sending an email.

Much of the value in these lists comes from being willing to go the extra mile and actively recruit candidates to join your team, rather than waiting for a strong candidate to come to you.

Click here for some best practices for working with resume list candidates: What are some best practices for working with Resume List candidates?